Native American Cancer Initiatives (NACI), Inc., is a small, minority (American Indian), woman-owned business with fewer than three full-time-equivalency employees. It is a for-profit company founded in 1998 (based in Colorado) to provide technical assistance to communities, patients, researchers, academicians, universities, research institutions, and professionals on Native Americans, cultural issues, program development and assessment and the full continuum of cancer (prevention through end-of-life care). Through part-time consultants, NACI is also the coordinator of the "Genetic Education for Native Americans" (GENA®) Curricula (see tab on GENA® for more information).

    NACI provides services such as:
    • Public speaking
    • Educational workshops
    • Staff trainings and retreats
    • Technical assistance
    • Mentoring
    • Program evaluation
    • Website Design and programming

    NACI has a fee-for-service structure that provides specific services through contracts with various entities throughout the US, including the Mayo Clinic's Native American Programs, National Indian Women's Health Resource Center, Intertribal Council of Michigan, Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health Board, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, the American Cancer Society and others (an average of 5 contracts per year).


    is based in Pine, CO and has 1000 square feet of dedicated office space. The Pine Office includes a small conference room, three offices, has wireless access to the Internet, conference screens, audience response systems and speaker systems. It also has state-of-the-art photocopying and scanning machines and two digital video cameras, filming lamps, microphones and related e-cables. NACI shares selected office equipment (photocopying) with Native American Cancer Research Corporation (NACR), a non-profit corporation.

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